DUIN Information Request

Please click the above link to provide the unit your information to facilitate a smooth check-in process. 


DUINS INFORMATION – NROTC George Washington University


Congratulations on your assignment to graduate school and/or fellowship in the DC Metro Area!  You are going to enjoy your time in a DUINS status attached to NROTCU GWU.

Due to COVID-19, all check-in is virtual. Please submit the documents attached in the Gain Package to LT Erinn Chang, the Administrative Officer, at NROTCU GWU NLT 5 working days after check-in. Her email is [email protected]. Please do not hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

Here are the basic DUINS expectations while attached to GWU NROTC (please save downloaded forms and open in Adobe).

Welcome Aboard Letter

Gain Package:

1 - Traveler Checklist

2 - Travel Voucher

3 - Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE)

4 - BAH PG 13

5 - Receipts Checklist

Once again, congratulations on your assignment!

Schedule a Visit

Prospective students are invited to audit a Naval Science class and/or professional development seminar .

National Scholarship Interview

Prospective students are highly encouraged to contact the unit to conduct their officer interview for the National Scholarship. 

BLUF Newsletter

Our newsletter is produced by current midshipmen for friends, family and alumni of the GW NROTC unit.  Each issue highlights battalion activities, awards, photos and upcoming opportunities to stay involved.

To see previous issues of Bearings and BLUF, please check our Unit Media.