Welcome to the beginning of your NROTC experience! Congratulations on choosing to participate in this challenging and rewarding program. This letter and the enclosed documents contain information essential to starting your Navy experience off on the right foot. Please read the following information carefully, complete all forms, and return your package as soon as possible!

As a prospective member of The Capital Battalion NROTC Unit, you are expected to attend our annual NROTC Orientation whether you are in a Scholarship or College Program status.  All students who have scholarships assigned to our Battalion are guaranteed enrollment in the NROTC program. However, acceptance of all students into the College Program is not automatic. While we do not foresee a problem at this time, there may be space limitations. Enrollment preference will be given to those who have been awarded NROTC scholarships. You will be notified no later than 15 August 2018 if you cannot be accommodated.


You were mailed a number of forms that must be completed and returned to us as soon as possible, but no later than 17 July 2018. It is important to return the uniform measurements ASAP, to ensure the order arrives prior to orientation. RETURN THE UNIFORM SIZING SPREADSHEET VIA EMAIL TO LT LADA ([email protected]) TO EXPEDITE ORDERING YOUR UNIFORMS! If you have questions about any of these forms, you may call Mr. Archie at (202)994-5882 or LT Lada at (202)994-9107. In addition to accurately filling out and returning the enclosed forms via scan/email or fax ([email protected] /fax (202) 994-0090), you must also provide us with a hardcopy of the following via postal mail (2035 F St. NW, Washington, DC 20052):

(1)  a CERTIFIED copy of your official birth certificate (do not send original or photocopy)

(2)  an official copy of your high school transcript to include SAT/ACT scores (and any college transcripts if applicable

(3)  a copy of your acceptance letter from the university you will be attending (GWU, GTWN, HOW, CUA)

(4)  a copy of the notification of Navy scholarship selection letter (scholarship students only)

(5)  a copy of your immunization record

Send these documents via mail to the Capital Battalion (2035 F St. NW, Washington DC, 20052).

***Always make and retain copies of documentation for yourself before submitting.***

Note: If you do not have all necessary documents available, do not delay your response in order to gather documents. Simply send us what you have and mail the remainder as soon as possible. Indicate which documents are not included and a date they should be expected.

Be sure to enclose the Waiver of Liability (found below) releasing the Unit and our support activities from liability in the event of injury during orientation. All participants must sign and date this form in black ink. Additionally, if your 18th birthday falls on or after 25 August 2018, your parent or legal guardian must co-sign the form. Activities are monitored to minimize any risk of injury, but you will be participating in physically challenging activities.


All scholarship students should have received a comprehensive physical exam (DoDMERB), a record of which must be made available to us. If you are a College Program student and have NOT completed a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) physical, you must obtain a physical from a private physician that indicates that you are qualified to participate in physical training, ensure the physician signs form DD2807. Make sure you complete this requirement as soon as possible. There is no need to have immunizations administered unless required by your university.


We encourage you to attend one of the campus/college orientation sessions hosted by your university, and welcome you to stop by the unit when you are visiting. Please fill out our webform at least two weeks in advance if you are planning to visit the unit. As your first year advisor, she will be happy to discuss any part of the program to make certain you are as prepared as possible before your arrival.


All incoming students are required to register for Introduction to Naval Science, taught at The George Washington University Foggy Bottom campus.


Midshipmen who attend Consortium Universities (Georgetown, Howard, or Catholic) should consult their respective catalogs on how to register for consortium courses. Prior coordination with your university will ensure that you are registered for classes at your university without having to face the last minute crunch, which could complicate your scheduling. If consortium midshipmen are unable to complete registration for Naval Science classes, leave open time blocks for Naval Science class, drill, and travel time. If consortium registration cannot be accomplished before the first Naval Science class, attend class and your advisor will assist you in coordinating with the registration or dean’s offices.

College Program students (Navy Option) should plan to register for Calculus I if you intend to compete for scholarship. Calculus I and II must be complete by the end of your sophomore year in order to maintain/receive a scholarship.


There is a 45-day probationary period for all new scholarship midshipmen. This period allows the staff to get to know each candidate and confirm their qualifications and suitability for military service. Any candidate with serious deficiencies will be disqualified from the program. Tuition payments will not be made until this period has elapsed (mid-October). When tuition bills are received, you will be responsible for and should pay only the portion pertaining to room and board (meals and lodging). Although late payment notices may automatically be issued by the university these can initially be disregarded. Please contact our supply officer, (202) 994-5883, only if you receive notice of non-payment after 01 November 2018.


It is mandatory that all Scholarship students receiving subsistence and training pay have an established bank account. Upon reporting the student must provide a direct deposit form, the Treasury Department Standard Form 1199A. Students who do not have a bank account established for direct deposit payments will not receive scheduled payments.


Congratulations on this new adventure! Have a great summer and I look forward to welcoming you in August.

If you have questions or problems related to any of the material in this package, please call or email the staff members listed below for assistance:

Questions regarding: Staff Member Phone Number/Email
Forms/Physicals Mr. Archie 202-994-5881/[email protected]
Registration/Academics/Orientation LT Lada  202-994-9102/[email protected]
Life in the Unit/Student Contact MIDN 3/C Murdoch [email protected]



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