Welcome to the beginning of your NROTC experience!  Congratulations on choosing to participate in this challenging and rewarding program.  This letter and the enclosed documents contain information essential to starting your Navy experience off on the right foot.    Please read the following information carefully, complete all forms, and return your package as soon as possible!

As a prospective member of The George Washington University NROTC Unit (GW NROTC), you are expected to attend our annual NROTC Orientation whether you are in a Scholarship or College Program status.   All students who have scholarships assigned to GW NROTC are guaranteed enrollment in the NROTC program.  However, acceptance of all students into the College Program is not automatic.  While we do not foresee a problem at this time, there may be space limitations.  Enrollment preference will be given to those who have been awarded NROTC scholarships.  You will be notified no later than 15 Aug if you cannot be accommodated.


     You were mailed a number of forms that must be completed and returned to us as soon as possible but no later than 17 July 2017.  It is important to return the uniform measurements ASAP, to ensure the order arrives prior to orientation.  RETURN THE UNIFORM SIZING SPREADSHEET VIA EMAIL ([email protected]) TO EXPEDITE ORDERING YOUR UNIFORMS!  If you have questions about any of these forms, you may call Mr. Archie at (202)994-5882 or LT Lada at (202)994-9107.  In addition to accurately filling out and returning the enclosed forms via scan/email or fax ([email protected] /fax (202)994-0090), you must also provide us with a hardcopy of the following via postal mail:

(1) a CERTIFIED copy of your official birth certificate (do not send original or photocopy)

(2)   an official copy of your high school transcript to include SAT/ACT scores (and any college transcripts if applicable

(3)   a copy of your acceptance letter from the university you will be attending (GWU, GTWN, HOW, CUA, UMDCP)  

(4)   a copy of the notification of Navy scholarship selection letter (scholarship students  only)

(5) a copy of your immunization record

Send hardcopy mail using the self addressed envelope enclosed.

***Always make and retain copies of documentation for yourself before submitting.***

Note:  If you do not have all necessary documents available, do not delay your response in order to gather documents.  Simply send us what you have and mail the remainder as soon as possible.  Indicate which documents are not included and a date they should be expected.

One of the enclosed forms is a Waiver of Liability releasing the Unit and our support activities from liability in the event of injury during orientation.  All participants must sign and date this form in black ink.  Additionally, if your 18th birthday falls on or after 26 August 2017, your parent or legal guardian must co-sign the form.  Activities are monitored to minimize any risk of injury, but you will be participating in physically challenging activities.



      NROTC check-in (paperwork and uniform issue) will be conducted on Saturday, 26 August.  We will be conducting NROTC Orientation training activities during the week of 28 August at GWU Foggy Bottom Campus in the mornings before class as well as from Friday, 1 September to  04 September 2017 at Camp Upshur in Quantico, VA.  The purpose of Orientation is to introduce you to the NROTC program, complete your administrative in-processing, and indoctrinate you as a member of the Navy and Marine Corps Officer Class of 2021.   Equally important are the bonds of camaraderie that are formed among the incoming midshipmen, the “shipmates” you will come to know well rely on for the next four years. 

      In order to reserve facilities and logistics, we must receive your orientation fee of $60 no later than 17 July.  Make checks payable to “BAF,” our Battalion Activity Fund.  This fee covers a unit polo shirt, Orientation graduation picnic, and incidentals.   

      Orientation is not "boot camp".  However, because of the amount of material to be covered, it is physically and mentally challenging.  The goal of Orientation is to enable you to acquire a fundamental understanding of your position and responsibilities in the unit as a midshipman before the school year commences.  In essence, Orientation is designed to bring you up to speed with the rest of the midshipmen in our Battalion.  We will follow a busy schedule throughout the week in order to achieve our planned goals.  Most days start with an early reveille and formation, followed by challenging physical training.  You will learn close order drill (how to march and salute) and the basic fundamentals of sailing.  You will also be required to take a physical fitness test and a swim test.  The minimum physical fitness test requirements for those 17-19 years old are as follows:


Navy Option




 1.5 Mile Run (min:sec)



 Sit-Ups (in 2 min)



 Push-Ups (in 2 min)



 Sit & Reach (Toe-Touch)




Marine Option




 3 Mile Run (min:sec)



 Sit-Ups (in 2 min)






 Flexed Arm Hang





      A pre-entry physical training plan is available online at https://www.nrotc.navy.mil/pdfs/pre-conditioning.pdf.  This guide explains the proper way to perform the exercises, as well as a regimen to prepare for the physical fitness assessment that will be conducted during Orientation. Failure to attain minimum requirements will result in being placed on probation and required to participate in a remedial fitness program designed to improve your physical condition.  Plan to arrive fit and be prepared to improve.

            The swim test consists of two modules. Module One is composed of three separate events, a deep water jump, a 50-yard swim, and a 5-minute prone float. The deep water jump must be performed from a minimum height of 5 feet. Swimmers must display the ability to swim to the surface unassisted. The 50-yard swim consists of the swimmer completing the distance without stopping, standing, or holding onto the sides of the pool.  In the Prone (face down) float, students displaying improper breathing during survival floating will be removed from the water within the first minute. Module Two consists of shirt and trouser or coverall inflation. Students displaying problems with shirt/trouser or coverall inflation must be removed from the water before becoming exhausted.  Module One must be conducted before Module Two. The prone float (Module One) and the Shirt and Trouser/Coverall inflation must occur in deep water (deep water is defined at water too deep to stand with mouth and nose above the surface). All NROTC midshipmen must successfully pass this test to qualify as Swimmer Third Class, otherwise you will be placed on probation.  This requirement is the minimum standard; all midshipmen will be tested once per semester until they attain the Swimmer Second Class qualification.  Second class qualification requires specific stroke proficiency for the following strokes: American crawl (freestyle), sidestroke, breaststroke, and survival backstroke.

GWUNROTC promotes a healthy, professional, drug-free environment.  We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for illegal drugs/underage drinking.  All members of the unit, regardless of rank, are subject to periodic urinalysis testing and you should expect to be TESTED UPON ARRIVAL. 


      Report in “appropriate civilian attire” (collared polo shirt tucked in to khaki pants, closed-toe shoes, belt, clean shave and neat haircut).

      For Scholarship students: your initial travel to GWUNROTCU may be reimbursable.  In order to be reimbursed for your travel, you must submit the following upon arrival to GWUNROTCU:  (1) Letter acknowledging acceptance of your scholarship and giving you authorization to proceed to GWUNROTCU.  (2) Receipt showing price paid if you traveled by plane, train, or bus.  Receipts are not required if you travel by automobile as you will be reimbursed at a standard rate per mileage.  If you are unable to produce these documents, you will forfeit any travel reimbursement to which you were entitled.  It is important to understand that travel may only be reimbursable from your home of record to Washington D.C.  Travel from locations other than your home of record is not reimbursable.

      For College Program students: because you did not go through the scholarship screening process, you must also meet the following criteria:  (1) be enrolled as a full-time student at GWU or approved cross-town institution: Georgetown, Howard, or Catholic University.

TENATIVE ORIENTATION SCHEDULE: The following is a tentative Orientation schedule.  A finalized schedule will be emailed to you NLT 17 July.

26 August:                     0800-1140       Doors Open, Check-in and in-processing begins (1957 E Street NW, Washington DC) - Metered street parking is available

                        0815                 Commanding Officer briefs parents/Q&A Session

                        1140                 Commanding Officer briefs students  

                        1200                 Students dismissed to parents


 28 August:

                        0600                 Muster for PT

                        0800-0915       Naval Science Class

                        0915                 Dismissed to respective schools


 30 August: 

                        0600                 Muster Initial PRT

                        0800-0915       Naval Science Class

                        0915                 Dismissed to respective schools

31 Aug:

                          1900-2100      Orientation (GWU)

01 Sept:

                        0615-0910       Orientation (GWU)

                        1700                 Orientation (Depart for Quantico)

 02 Sept – 4 Sept:               Orientation (Quantico, VA)  

 08 Sept:     0645                 Welcoming Into the Unit at First Drill of the Semester


      All scholarship students should have received a comprehensive physical exam (DoDMERB), a record of which must be made available to us.  If you are a College Program student and have NOT completed a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) physical, you must obtain a physical from a private physician that indicates that you are qualified to participate in physical training, ensure they physician signs the DD2801. Make sure you complete this requirement as soon as possible.  There is no need to have immunizations administered unless required by your university. 


      I encourage you to attend one of the campus/college orientation sessions hosted by your university.  We welcome you to stop by the unit when you are visiting.  Please call or e-mail LT Lada ([email protected]) at least one week in advance if you are planning to visit the unit.  As your first year advisor, she will be happy to discuss any part of the program to make certain you are as prepared as possible before your arrival.


     All incoming students are required to register for Introduction to Naval Science, taught at The George Washington University Foggy Bottom campus.  Please take the following information with you to any advisor or registration sessions: 

CRN    COURSE  SEC   TITLE                                 CREDITS    DAY/TIME            BLDG/RM

80331  NSC1051  10       INTRO NAVAL SCIENCE                        3        MW 0800-0915   1957 E St. /212

86033  NSC2175  31       Discussion                                  0            F 0700-0915     1957 E St. /212


      Midshipmen who attend Consortium Universities (Georgetown, Howard, or Catholic (Nursing only)) should consult their respective catalogs on how to register for consortium courses.  Prior coordination with your university will ensure that you are registered for classes at your university without having to face the last minute crunch, which could complicate your scheduling.  If consortium midshipmen are unable to complete registration for Naval Science classes, leave open time blocks for Naval Science class, drill, and travel time.  If consortium registration cannot be accomplished before the first Naval Science class, attend class and your advisor will assist you in coordinating with the registration or dean’s offices.

      College Program students who are entering their sophomore academic year should also register for Leadership and Management.  This doubling-up will allow you to complete the NROTC program on-time with your graduating class.

CRN    COURSE  SEC   TITLE                                  CREDITS   DAY/TIME            BLDG/RM

80874   NSC2175 10       Leadership & Management I     3            T/Th 0800-09151957 E St./214

      College Program students (Navy Option) should also register for a Calculus I course if you intend to compete for a scholarship.  Calculus I and II must be complete by the end of your sophomore year in order to be considered for a scholarship.


      There is a 45-day probationary period for all new scholarship midshipmen.  This period allows the staff to get to know each candidate and confirm their qualifications and suitability for military service.  Any candidate with serious deficiencies will be disqualified from the program.  Tuition payments will not be made until this period has elapsed (mid-October).  When tuition bills are received, you will be responsible for and should pay only the portion pertaining to room and board (meals and lodging).  Although late payment notices may automatically be issued by the university these can initially be disregarded.  Please contact our supply officer, (202) 994-5883, only if you receive notice of non-payment after 01 November. 


      It is mandatory that all Scholarship students receiving subsistence and training pay have an established bank account.  Upon reporting the student must provide a direct deposit form, the Treasury Department Standard Form 1199A.  Students who do not have a bank account established for direct deposit payments will not receive scheduled payments.  While we cannot recommend a specific banking institution, popular options for our students include Navy Federal Credit Union, USAA FSB, Bank of America, and PNC Bank.


      Congratulations on this new adventure!  Have a great summer and I look forward to welcoming you in August.

      If you have questions or problems related to any of the material in this package, please call or e-mail my staff members listed below for assistance:

Questions regarding:                           Staff Member                          Phone Number/E-Mail

Forms/Physicals                                  Mr. Archie          202-994-5881/[email protected]

Registration/Academics/Orientation   LT Lada             202-994-9102/[email protected]