Spring Awards

MIDN after receiving an award



Our students and staff are recognized with certificates, scholarships, swords, medals and other awards for academic, physical fitness and overall military excellence at our annual spring awards ceremony. We are fortunate to have support from many sponsors including corporate, non-profit and military organizations for the ceremony.

Organizations are invited to sponsor midshipmen awards for outstanding aptitude, academic and physical fitness performance. 

Spring 2019 Ceremony photos can be found here.

American Veterans Award MIDN 3/C Fonseca

Candidates for the AMVETS award have a positive attitude towards NROTC and the Navy, exemplary personal appearance, officer potential, an A in NROTC classes, and are in the upper 10% in all college classes.

Military Order of the World Wars Award MIDN 4/C Dittmer
MIDN 3/C Ward
MIDN 2/C Skawski
MIDN 1/C Bucholz
Medals and certificates are presented to Midshipmen, Marines, and Officer Candidates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities while maintaining high academic standards. As a special recognition of her pending graduation and commission, MIDN 1/C Bucholz is presented with a watch and certificate.
General Society of the War of 1812 Award MIDN 4/C Campeau Nominees are in the upper 10% of the class in aptitude and in naval science classes, upper 20% of the class in overall academics, and have encouraged and demonstrated the ideals of Americanism by deed or conduct or both.
AFCEA Honor Award MIDN 2/C Carvalho Students receiving the ROTC Honor certificate award must be a U.S. citizen and a junior who is preparing to enter their senior year who is majoring in electronics, electrical, aerospace, or communications engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or technology, information management systems or related technical disciplines. All nominees have demonstrated high academic achievement.
Military Order of the Purple Heart MIDN 3/C Stricklett The Military Order of the Purple Heart medal pendant, suspended on a purple ribbon, recognizes MIDN for demonstrating outstanding leadership ability and distinguishing themselves while holding their peers to a higher standard; and for active service in school and in community affairs.
US Navy Patriotism Award MIDN 2/C Pieper Recipients of the US Navy Patriotism Award exemplify the traits of honor, courage, and commitment. 
District of Columbia Chapter of the National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots Medal MIDN 2/C Guerra The medal is awarded to a 2/C midshipman who has represented the most outstanding performance in military science, is in the top 25% in aptitude and academics and outstanding leadership potential.
Daughters of the American Revolution National Defense Committee ROTC Award MIDN 1/C Clow The DAR National Defense Committee ROTC Award annually recognizes a graduating midshipman who ranks in the top 25% of their class in both aptitude and academics and has demonstrated qualities of dependability and good character, adherence to military discipline, leadership ability, and a fundamental patriotic understanding to the importance of the ROTC.
National Society of United States Daughters of 1812 Award MIDN 1/C Ho She is receiving this award in recognition of her superior leadership, military discipline, dependability and patriotism.
National Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars ROTC award MIDN 2/C Moore This award is given annually to an outstanding male or female Midshipmen for general military and scholastic excellence. 
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists Award MIDN 4/C Nott She is receiving this award for proficiency in academic subjects, ROTC activities, and good citizenship.
The Military Officer Association of America Award MIDN 1/C Ohm This award is given annually to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, high moral character, and an aptitude for military service.
Naval Sub League Rear Admiral Frederick B. Warder Outstanding Achievement Award MIDN 1/C Judd
Recipients must be a senior who service selected nuclear submariner, demonstrate superior academic aptitude, be a role model and inspire others, and demonstrate balanced qualities and aptitude for ascension as a naval officer.
The Military Order of Loyal Legion Award MIDN 3/C Saville

This award is given annually to an outstanding underclassmen Midshipman that is a representative of young leadership.

The Sons of American Revolution Award MIDN 2/C Miller This award is given annually to an outstanding upperclassmen Midshipman that is a representative leadership and exemplifies the concept of service to his unit, community and nation. 
The Marine Corps Association Award MIDN 1/C Ivison The Marine Corps Association Award Plaque is presented to an outstanding graduating Marine or Marine Option MIDN in recognition of superior accomplishments and hard work.
National Capital Council of the Navy League RADM Arthur Esche Award MIDN 3/C Collins The National Capital Council of the Navy League presents this award in memorial of the leadership of RADM Arthur Esche. It is presented to a member of the NROTC unit that has demonstrated leadership, the highest of character, top-notch academics, and motivation. For this recognition MIDN Collins receives a $500 scholarship.
National Capital Council of the Navy League MIDN 1/C Judd This award is given to a Junior or Senior in a ROTC Program in a University or College who has demonstrated qualities of Academic Excellence, Leadership, Military discipline, Dependability, Patriotism and upright character in speech and habits, which exemplify the ideals upon which our Nation was founded.
The Rear Admiral John H. Dick Association of Naval Aviation Award MIDN 1/C Lee With over 66 chapters worldwide, the Association of Naval Aviation serves as a global advocate for Naval Aviation, supporting our mission via published writing, symposia, speeches, community interaction, and presentations such as today’s ceremony. The Association of Naval Aviation Award is dedicated to those Naval Aviators who have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of our nation, and a Navy officer sword is presented to the future Naval Aviator or Naval Flight Officer who best demonstrates the ideals of superior leadership, outstanding academics, and exemplary professionalism.
VFW Outstanding Graduate Sword MIDN 1/C Antonucci The award is presented in to a Future officer of high moral character who has, through superior achievement, demonstrated the desire, the determination, and the dedication to render honorable military service. 
Surface Navy Association Heroes of the 9/11 Pentagon Attack Sword MIDN 1/C Olsen To honor the six Surface Warfare Officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice through their gallant service to our country while on duty in the Navy Operations Center in the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, the Navy Officer’s sword is presented to an officer candidate of the graduating class of The George Washington University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit who has selected the Surface Warfare community, and has been identified by the Unit Commanding Officer and staff for his or her overall dedication to service and mission.
On that tragic day, these six magnificent officers were organizing the Navy’s response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center when an airliner crashed into the Pentagon, killing them and the 125 others working in the Pentagon that day. They were dedicated officers, performing their duties, responding to a crisis, unaware of the impending threat. That’s what these brave men did, and the Greater Washington Chapter of the Surface Navy Association honors them with this Sword, presented in their names.
Kris Krohne Memorial Award

MIDN 1/C Bergethon

The award is presented in memory of ENS Kris Krohne. ENS Krohne was an active member of the George Washington University NROTC Unit who passed away shortly after commissioning while serving his country. The ENS Krohne Spirit Sword is awarded annually to the graduating Navy/Marine Corps Officer who best promotes morale and team spirit while displaying energy, motivation, and a positive attitude; the kind of qualities that ENS Krohne exhibited while at the GWU NROTC Unit.
  Shaw Award  MIDN 1/C Heasley The award is presented in to a Future officer of high moral character who has, through superior achievement, demonstrated the desire, the determination, and the dedication to render honorable service to Corps and Country.
GWU NROTC Alumni Major Ricardo Crocker Memorial Award MIDN 1/C Ivison The award is presented in memory of Major Ricardo Crocker.  Major Crocker was a member of the Class of 1989 who after successful tours as an Infantry Officer in 5th Marines and as an Officer Selection Officer in Los Angeles left active duty to pursue a career in law enforcement. Though having long since ended any formal affiliation with the Marine Corps, his sense of duty to his country and his fellow Marines remained strong.  Animated by that sense of duty and moved by the mounting casualties in Iraq, he volunteered to return to active duty and deploy to combat in 2004.  After his first tour, he demobilized and eagerly returned to his civilian life.  Less than a year after his return he was asked by Marines he had previously served with to redeploy in 2005.  Though under no Service obligation and having a strong personal desire to continue with his civilian life, his sense of duty would again find him on the battlefield.   In May of 2005 he would lose his life fulfilling that sense of duty in the Western Euphrates River Valley.  To those who had the honor to Serve with him or know him personally, Major Crocker stands out as a man of truly great spirit, of humor, of boundless optimism, of courage and deep sense of love for his fellow man.  His memory remains fresh and his loss acutely felt.  For those who will know him only by his actions, he stands as an example of courage and selflessness to emulate and a reminder of the price of duty.
Underclass MIDN of the Semester MIDN 3/C Motola MIDN 3/C Motola is an unparalleled midshipman amongst his peers. He scored a 275 on his PRT and is known throughout the battalion as a high achiever. This spring semester, he has served as squad leader in Alpha 2. He continued his standard of stellar performance in this role. He exemplifies the practice of intrusive leadership, going out of his way to find academic and physical support for his squad members. He also handled an incident with MIDN Cohen, maintaining his professionalism and his discretion and offered a spare bed to MIDN Cohen during this trying time. He went beyond what would be expected of a squad leader and operated without guidance from the chain of command before platoon leadership could arrive. He inspires trust in both his subordinates and his superiors.
The Villanova drill meet is only one example of MIDN Motola’s willingness to go above and beyond for this battalion. For the entire spring semester, despite not having an official drill billet, he volunteered to command one of the drill platoon. This large workload was on top of his job as squad leader. He worked hard to make sure his platoon was prepared to compete at the Villanova drill competition the entire semester. On the eve of the drill meet, two of MIDN responsible for calling drill fell ill, preventing them from going on the trip. MIDN Motola stepped up once again and took command of the other competition platoon and the color guard. He was also supposed to command the squad drill team, but another volunteer was found. It was in large part due to his efforts that the drill team did as well as it did.
Upperclass MIDN of the Semester MIDN 2/C Bernal MIDN Bernal continues to demonstrate just what a motivator and rockstar she is by taking on two demanding billets this semester, excelling at both, and on top of that, having a kick-ass internship at the Pentagon
As ACo1Sgt, MIDN Bernal was instrumental in handling personnel and disciplinary issues, always knowing the correct approach to any issue and maintaining a level head. MIDN Bernal set the example for all of Alpha company in scoring high on her PRT and assisting those who struggle with PT to do better. MIDN Bernal also handled a variety of issues this semester from disciplinary to personal, counseling subordinates and correcting as needed, but also being a listening ear for those with sensitive issues.
MIDN Bernal also planned a fantastic Dining In. Taking the directive to leave our normal spaces head-on, MIDN Bernal brought us to a new venue. Furthermore, MIDN Bernal adjusted to a few last minute dietary changes ensuring that all could eat. Important in the role of Dining In Coordinator is having the members of the mess see a seamless flow from event to event. MIDN Bernal did just that. Everyone enjoyed their time at Dining In, building camaraderie and enhancing morale.
Outside of unit spaces, MIDN Bernal continues to be a leader. Through her Pentagon internship, she has demonstrated her desire for professional development outside of the training department, and as part of her everyday life. Pentagon internships are not easy to come by, and even harder to balance with a full course-load and demanding billet. Wildly enough MIDN Bernal managed to fill more space in her schedule through her involvement in GW’s JASA.
MIDN Bernal is an inspiration to all in the unit and continues to raise the bar for her classmates.development and community service.
Underclass MIDN of the Year MIDN 3/C Murdoch MIDN Murdoch has been an outstanding role model for the Bn this year. Through the fall semester she went above and beyond in her NSO billet of 4/C liaison, acting as an on-call mentor and helping them all transition into the unit. She has made herself readily available to help anyone and everyone who asks her, and always has a positive attitude. As Reveille commander she successfully helped train the unit participants while maintaining a fun environment for everyone. As AOPs she performed with commitment and dedication far beyond that expected of an underclassman. She is a recognized leader of her peers and constantly leads by example. She improved her PRT score by 45 points this semester, demonstrating her commitment to improving herself in all aspects. MIDN Murdoch is a phenomenal example of what battalion members should strive to emulate.
Upperclass MIDN of the Semester MIDN 1/C Eskin MIDN 1/C Eskin has been an invaluable resource to many members of the Bn. She is seen by many as a strong, positive example of both an upperclassman and someone about to commission. She successfully fulfilled a challenging role in the NSO staff, pushing herself beyond her comfort zone in order to help train the 4/C and successfully integrate them into our Bn. Last semester as Prospective Student Coordinator (PSC), she helped to organize many visits and tours for students and their parents. She incorporated her knowledge from working in the Admissions Office into her billet in order to give students and parents the most comprehensive and holistic view of GW and its resources possible. Additionally, she has planned multiple MWR events over the course of the year for groups of MIDN extending beyond the chain of command and school boundaries. As Operations Officer, she truly led by example. She consistently asked for input from the rest of the HQ staff and effectively delegated to her subordinates. She held her department members to extremely high standards and helped to contribute to the Bn’s overall function and well-being. She dedicated much of her time into making sure that the Bn members had the most knowledge they could about plans for the week, semester outlooks, and opportunities to take advantage of as NROTC students. MIDN Eskin is a leader of both her subordinates and her peers.
Commanding Officer’s Sword MIDN 1/C Grever
SSgt Gadea
Two graduating seniors will be given an officer sword to represent his or her readiness to become an Officer in the Naval  and Marine Corps services. It is presented to students who continually demonstrate outstanding academic performance, keen leadership, and motivation on a day to day basis, AND has taken the responsibility of leading men and women to the highest sincerity.