Spring Awards

Student receiving an award

Our students and staff are recognized with certificates, scholarships, swords, medals and other awards for academic, physical fitness and overall military excellence at our annual spring awards ceremony. We are fortunate to have support from many sponsors including corporate, non-profit and military organizations for the ceremony.

Organizations are invited to sponsor midshipmen awards for outstanding aptitude, academic and physical fitness performance. 

Spring 2018 Ceremony: Pictures can be found here

Military Order of the World Wars  MIDN 4/C Woodsome
MIDN 3/C Gilson
MIDN 2/C Waskin
MIDN 1/C Hardgrove
Medals and certificates are presented to midshipmen, Marines, and Officer Candidates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities while maintaining high academic standards. As a special recognition of his pending graduation and commission, MIDN 1/C Hardgrove is presented with a watch and certificate.
General Society of the War of 1812  MIDN 3/C Michael Nominees are in the upper 10% of the class in aptitude and in naval science classes, upper 20% of the class in overall academics, and have encouraged and demonstrated the ideals of Americanism by deed or conduct or both.
Military Order of the Purple Heart MIDN 3/C Skawski The Military Order of the Purple Heart medal pendant, suspended on a purple ribbon, recognizes midshipmen for demonstrating outstanding leadership ability and distinguishing themselves while holding their peers to a higher standard; and for active service in school and in community affairs.
AFCEA Honor Award MIDN 2/C Lee Students receiving the ROTC Honor certificate award must be a U.S. citizen and a junior who is preparing to enter their senior year who is majoring in electronics, electrical, aerospace, or communications engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or technology, information management systems or related technical disciplines. All nominees have demonstrated high academic achievement.
Daughters of Founders and Patriots Medal MIDN 2/C Bucholz The medal is awarded to a 2/C midshipman who has represented the most outstanding performance in military science, is in the top 25% in aptitude and academics and outstanding leadership potential.
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists  MIDN 3/C Rios He is receiving this award for proficiency in academic subjects, ROTC activities, and good citizenship.
Daughters of the American Revolution National Defense Committee ROTC Award MIDN 1/C Burns The DAR National Defense Committee ROTC Award annually recognizes a graduating midshipman who ranks in the top 25% of their class in both aptitude and academics and has demonstrated qualities of dependability and good character, adherence to military discipline, leadership ability, and a fundamental patriotic understanding to the importance of ROTC training.
National Society of United States Daughters of 1812 award MIDN 2/C Heasley He is receiving this award in recognition of his superior leadership, military discipline, dependability and patriotism.
The Military Officer Association of America Award  MIDN 1/C Hodge This award is given annually to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, high moral character, and an aptitude for military service.
Naval Sub League Rear Admiral Frederick B. Warder Outstanding Achievement Award  MIDN 1/C Adams Recipients must be a senior who service selected nuclear submariner, demonstrate superior academic aptitude, be a role model and inspire others, and demonstrate balanced qualities and aptitude for ascension as a naval officer.
USAA Spirit Award  MIDN 1/C Fordham The USAA Spirit Award Clock honors a midshipman in each unit that best exemplifies the concept of service to his or her unit, community and nation. 
The Marine Corps Association Award MIDN 1/C Stukas The Marine Corps Association Award Plaque is presented to an outstanding graduating Marine or Marine Option MIDN in recognition of superior accomplishments and hard work.
Underclass MIDN of the Semester MIDN 3/C Miya Bernal
MIDN Bernal has been an exceptional midshipman this semester. She consistently o utshines her peers both in physical and academic performance; scoring a 290 on the PRT and maintaining a 3.6 GPA along with a rigorous course load as a physics major. But even as a top performer, she remains one of the most humble midshipmen in the unit, always willing to lend a hand or just a smile to anyone who needs it. In addition she continues to challenge herself and grow as a leader. As a platoon member, she did everything that was asked enthusiastically and in a timely fashion. As nuke club president she hosted engaging events that highlighted her management skills and her ability to coordinate with the officers and the midshipman staff. In addition to her commitment to NROTC,  midshipman Bernal is involved in a wide variety of organizations such as the Japanese American student allies, the Society for physics students and GW balance, that make her not only a well-rounded person but an excellent role model for the fourth class. Midshipman Bernal has tremendous potential and I am excited to see her continue to grow and excel as an upperclassman next year
Upperclass MIDN of the Semester MIDN 2/C Hannarae Heasley

MIDN Heasley was effective in her roles as both BAF and ATRAINO, but she was also an integral member of the platoon. Her efforts in getting the putting together for bonding or events were always energetic and displayed a great amount of initiative on her part. She was consistently a helpful member of the team, not only succeeded personally, which is shown in her incredible 295 PRT score, but also by helping her squad members in terms of drill in general professional development. As BAF, she successfully managed budget individually and did her best to collect money needed to be collected from the Battalion. As ATRAINO, she kept the spreadsheet up-to-date and dealt with all issues that had to do with the attaining professional development and community service.

National Capital Council of the Navy League RADM Arthur Esche Award MIDN 3/C Roper The National Capital Council of the Navy League presents this award in memorial of the leadership of RADM Arthur Esche. It is presented to a member of the NROTC unit that has demonstrated leadership, the highest of character, top-notch academics, and motivation. For this recognition MIDN Cunnnings receives a $500 scholarship.
National Capital Council of the Navy League of the US Sword  MIDN 1/C Capriglione This award is given to a Junior or Senior in a ROTC Program in a University or College who has demonstrated qualities of Academic Excellence, Leadership, Military discipline, Dependability, Patriotism and upright character in speech and habits, which exemplify the ideals upon which our Nation was founded.
Rear Admiral John H. Dick Association of Naval Aviation Award  MIDN 1/C Smith With over 66 chapters worldwide, the Association of Naval Aviation serves as a global advocate for Naval Aviation, supporting our mission via published writing, symposia, speeches, community interaction, and presentations such as today’s ceremony.
The Association of Naval Aviation Award is dedicated to those Naval Aviators who have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of our nation, and a Navy officer sword is presented to the future Naval Aviator or Naval Flight Officer who best demonstrates the ideals of superior leadership, outstanding academics, and exemplary professionalism.
The Surface Navy Association Heroes of the 9/11 Pentagon Attack Sword  MIDN 1/C Cunnings To honor the six Surface Warfare Officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice through their gallant service to our country while on duty in the Navy Operations Center in the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, the Navy Officer’s sword is presented to an officer candidate of the graduating class of The George Washington University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit who has selected the Surface Warfare community, and has been identified by the Unit Commanding Officer and staff for his or her overall dedication to service and mission.
Kris Krohne Memorial Award  MIDN 1/C Stiker The award is presented in memory of ENS Kris Krohne. ENS Krohne was an active member of the George Washington University NROTC Unit who passed away shortly after commissioning while serving his country. The ENS Krohne Spirit Sword is awarded annually to the graduating Navy/Marine Corps Officer who best promotes morale and team spirit while displaying energy, motivation, and a positive attitude; the kind of qualities that ENS Krohne exhibited while at the GWU NROTC Unit.
Shaw Award MIDN 1/C Stukas The award is presented in to a Future officer of high moral character who has, through superior achievement, demonstrated the desire, the determination, and the dedication to render honorable service to Corps and Country.
GWU NROTC Alumni Major Ricardo Crocker Memorial Award  MIDN 1/C Heaps The award is presented in memory of Major Ricardo Crocker.  Major Crocker was a member of the Class of 1989 who after successful tours as an Infantry Officer in 5th Marines and as an Officer Selection Officer in Los Angeles left active duty to pursue a career in law enforcement. 
Commanding Officer’s Sword

MIDN 1/C Hardgrove

MIDN 1/C Hotz

A graduating senior will be given an officer sword to represent his or her readiness to become an Officer in the Naval Services. It is presented to students who continually demonstrate outstanding academic performance, keen leadership, and motivation on a day to day basis, AND has taken the responsibility of leading men and women to the highest sincerity.