Known as one of the best ROTC units in the country, the GWU NROTC unit is made up of dedicated, well-rounded, and motivated Midshipmen, Sailors, and Marines. Slots in the program are highly sought after by candidates who are selected by Naval Services and Training Command to be the future leaders of America. We are deeply invested in the success of each midshipman, and our unit is dedicated to excellence and the Navy's core values of honor, courage, and commitment.

Unique Opportunities in DC

Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the battalion has access to awe-inspiring monuments, esteemed speakers, and custom military opportunities unique to the area, including guided visits to the Pentagon, the White House, and Arlington National Cemetery.


several students in uniform sit in a lab lecture class

Naval Science Courses

In addition to an undergraduate degree, all battalion members work to earn credit hours in Naval Science courses, which cover topics like Naval history and leadership and ethics. "Crosstown" students from Catholic University, Georgetown University, and Howard University may put these credit hours toward their other academic obligations and requirements.

Two men stand on a stage. One is holding a certificate for the Capital Conference


Midshipmen get the opportunity to hone their leadership skills in a variety of battalion leadership positions.  Midshipmen also coordinate battalion activities and serve as mentors for underclassmen.  The entire battalion meets weekly for Leadership Lab where activities include lectures from distinguished visiting guest speakers, ethical decision games, small group discussions, and training relevant to a commissioned officer. 

several students in uniform standing during NROTC Workout

Social Activities

Battalion members work hard to balance academic and ROTC obligations, but still make time to relax and enjoy college life. Midshipmen organize events throughout the semester as a way to have fun and grow closer as a unit.  We model the battalion's biannual Dining Out and Dining In celebrations after traditional Navy and Marine Corps mess nights.