Our Unit

The George Washington Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) is a unique and exciting experience that adds military training, opportunities and knowledge to the typical undergraduate program. The program is comprised of midshipmen and prior-enlisted Sailors and Marines from GW, Catholic University, Georgetown University and Howard University.

We all work together to reach the ultimate goal of commissioning an officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

Known as one of the best ROTC units in the country, the GW NROTC unit is made up of dedicated, well-rounded and motivated midshipmen, Sailors and Marines. Slots in the program are highly sought after by candidates who are selected by Naval Services and Training Command to be the future leaders of America. We are deeply invested in our members and our unit is dedicated to excellence to represent the Navy's core values of honor, courage and commitment. 

Unique Opportunities in DC

The battalion is privy to awe-inspiring monuments, esteemed speakers and custom military opportunities unique to the area, including guided visits to the Pentagon, the White House and Arlington National Cemetery. The Navy standard physical test is run around the Reflecting Pool as the sun rises over the Washington Monument to motivate and drive battalion members in the heart of the nation's capital.

Naval Science Courses

In addition to an undergraduate degree, all battalion members work to earn from three to twenty-four credit hours in Naval Science courses, which cover topics like Naval history and leadership and ethics. The consortium program allows "crosstown" students (midshipmen, Officer Candidates, and Marines who do not attend GW) to put these credit hours toward their other academic obligations and requirements.


Every Friday morning, the entire battalion meets for "Leadership Lab" where members' activities include, but are not limited to, listening to lectures from visiting guest speakers (i.e. admirals, former prisoners of war and Marines who have seen combat), running Physical Training "PT" drills and meeting in small groups to discuss leadership scenarios and ethical dilemmas that may be met while in the Fleet.

Social Activities

Battalion members work hard to balance academic and ROTC obligations, but former Commanding Officer Captain Sterling Gilliam once said, "You can't win a war if you can't throw a good party." We model the battalion's biannual Dining Out and Dining In celebrations after traditional Navy and Marine Corps mess nights. Battalion members get to enjoy catered dinners, dancing and esprit de corps every fall and spring to boost morale and enjoy each others' company.

Campus Involvement

The unit values well-rounded future officers and encourages battalion members to get involved with their respective universities. With participation in Greek life, intramural and varsity sports teams, music or performance groups and countless clubs and groups, many members find outside activities an enjoyable aspect of their college experience and a great way to meet new friends on campus.


Capital Battalion and GU Womens' Rowing team.

Schedule a Visit

Prospective students are invited to audit a Naval Science class and/or professional development seminar .

National Scholarship Interview

Prospective students are highly encouraged to contact the unit to conduct their officer interview for the National Scholarship.