Academic Requirements

As a part of the NROTC program, midshipmen are required to take a series of classes taught by GW unit Staff Officers. Navy Midshipmen will take eight classes and Marines are required to take six classes, but are not limited to that number. Review GW's University Bulletin for more details about NROTC coursework and requirements.

Required Classes for all Midshipmen

  • Introduction to Naval Science (NSC 1051)

  • Seapower and Maritime Affairs (NSC 2126)

  • Leadership and Management (NSC 2176)

  • Leadership and Ethics (NSC 4176W)

Marine Class Options

  • Evolution of Warfare (NSC 2160)

  • Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare (NSC 2190)

Navy Class Options

  • Navigation (NSC 2150)

  • Naval Ship Systems I  Engineering  (NSC 1052)

  • Naval Ship Systems II Weapons (NSC 2125)

  • Naval Operations and Seamanship (NSC2151)

In addition to Naval Science coursework, all Navy midshipmen are required to fulfill the following credits:

  • Six credits of Calculus-based Physics

  • Six credits of Calculus

  • Three credits of American Military History or National Security Policy (Also Required for Marine Option)

  • Six credits of English (Also Required for Marine Option)

  • Three credits of Cross-Cultural or Regional Studies