Our unit is a consortium of five schools across the DC area and includes GW, Georgetown University, University of Maryland at College Park, Howard University and Catholic University of America.  Naval Science classes and weekly professional seminars are conducted on the GW campus. 

A midshipmen’s weekly responsibilities include:

  • Attend a Naval Science class two times a week from 0800-0915 at GW 
  • Attend a Professional Seminar Friday mornings from 0700-0915 at GW

Other responsibilities include:

  • A 4/C Field Exercise 06-08 SEP 2019
  • A summer training period (summer cruise) every summer for three to four weeks to gain exposure to the Navy Fleet/Marine Corps

College Program

You are part of the college program if you are accepted into the NROTC program at one of the five schools in the DC area that offer it, but do not receive an ROTC scholarship. The program is non-subsidized for those who still wish to serve in leadership roles in the US Navy and US Marine Corps.

Requirements include:

  • Eight years minimum service upon graduation, three years minimum active duty

  • Completion of Naval Science classes and other university courses, a few specific university courses and one summer training session

Naval Science textbook expenses and uniforms will be paid for by NROTC.


Four-year applicants need to apply upon commencement of freshman year. Two-year applicants need to apply before the spring of sophomore year.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you're part of the two or three-year program you can apply for a scholarship after one semester in the unit. If you receive a scholarship, you will receive an academic monthly stipend, a book stipend and are entitled to full tuition coverage.

If you're part of the four-year program, you can apply for advanced standing during your junior year. If you receive advanced standing, you will receive $200 per month for a maximum of 20 academic months. As a student of advanced standing status you must complete:

  • Naval Science courses

  • Specific university courses

  • One summer training session (Navy: At Sea or Marine: Officer Candidate School)

Schedule a Visit

Prospective students are invited to audit a Naval Science class and/or professional development seminar .