New Student Indoctrination


NSI 2018 PT Session


All Naval ROTC Students entering the program are required to complete New Student Indoctrination (NSI) prior to the start of their Freshman/Fourth Class (4/C) year. Prospective College Program Midshipmen must contact our unit prior to 01 MAY to enroll in NSI. New Student Orientation will require Midshipman Candidates to challenge themselves and their classmates mentally, morally, and physically through instruction in:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Basic Military Information
  • Customs
  • Courtesies
  • Traditions
  • Organization
  • Swim Qualifications
  • Close Order Drill
  • Firefighting
  • Line Handling

​There are two distinct, mandatory training evolutions that will take place as part of joining the unit.

1. New Student Indoctrination (NSI) – This evolution is designed specifically for incoming 4/C midshipmen who have received a 4-year National Scholarship. For the class of 2025, NSI will take place at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL with the following timeline


Phase I:

Candidate Arrival: 28 May

ROM: 29 May - 12 June

Training: 12 June - 24 June


Phase II:

Candidate Arrival: 25 June

ROM: 26 June – 10 July

Training: 10 July – 22 July


Travel to NSI will be arranged by your assigned unit. For more information on NSI, visit


2. New Student Orientation (NSO) – This evolution is designed for both incoming scholarship and non-scholarship (College Program) 4/C midshipman. The purpose of NSO is to both provide an orientation to the Capital Battalion and ensure a degree of militarization. This year’s NSO has been tentatively scheduled as follows


Early Move-In: 16 August – 18 August

Gear Issue / Administrative Paperwork: 19 August

NSO (MCB Quantico): 20 August – 22 August


Early move-in will be arranged for all incoming 4/C midshipmen with their respective universities.


***Prospective College Program (non-scholarship) Midshipmen must contact the unit no later than 15 May to participate in the upcoming orientation***


For more information or to join the unit as a College Programmer, please contact LT McKee ([email protected]).



The Capital Battalion is composed of four universities. The home unit is located at The George Washington University, and the three crosstown universities are The Catholic University of America, Howard University and Georgetown University. Incoming midshipmen who will be attending one of the three crosstown universities will be expected to travel to The George Washington University for all training evolutions. Crosstown midshipmen are expected to finance their transportation to the unit. Uber, the Metro, and the Capital Bike share are some of the platforms available.


Transportation Fare One Way:

Capital Bike Share:

  • $85 annual pass
  • $8 24hour pass

One Way Uber Estimated Costs from Crosstown schools to the unit building:

  • CU: $21.75 - $24.75
  • HU: $17.25 - $20.97
  • GU: $12.00-$13.00

*DC Metro:

  • CUA to GWU: $2.60
  • HU to GWU: $2.25
  • GU has no metro stop

*note that prices change during rush hour

Personal Vehicle


Incoming 4/C crosstown midshipmen can plan to travel to GWU in the mornings for the following training evolutions:


Monday: Tactics (Marine Options only), Drill, and Naval Science Class.

Tuesday: Unit PT

Wednesdays: Unit PT and Naval Science Class

Thursdays: Marine Option PT

Fridays: Unit Lab (NSC 2199) – Sign up for this every semester



Crosstown midshipmen are required to register for Naval Sciences classes through their university’s consortium. Note academic schedules may need to be rearranged to accommodate unit requirements. For their first semester, fall of 4/C year, the course midshipmen should register for is Introduction to Naval Science, NSC 1051, Mondays and Wednesdays 0800-0915.

CUA Consortium CUA 4/C midshipmen are advised to contact their freshmen advisors and rearrange their first LC course.

HU Consortium

GU Consortium 

Please Contact LT McKee with any questions or to request to participate in NSI at his email [email protected].